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Q595 is now Strategic Partner of Zenger Folkman

18 August 2016

Q595 is now Strategic Partner of Zenger Folkman

In line with our approach to develop brain-efficient solutions to grow your business through your leaders, we have signed a strategic partnership with the leading authority in strengths based leadership development, Zenger-Folkman.

This enables us to bring a world-proven framework and leadership architecture to our clients. This framework is called “The Extraordinary Leader” and consists of various elements, offering a new dimension of developing leaders and mastering large scale transformation projects:

  • Leadership Assessment: A 360-assessment mapping your leaders against the best 10% of leaders in a global database of 55.000 leaders
  • Leadership Framework: Years of research led to a field of differentiating competencies, which make the difference between the top 10% and the bottom 10% of leaders
  • Strengths based: Research shows that leaders are defined by strengths and not by the absence of weaknesses. Instead of eliminating weaknesses, leaders will focus working on their strengths to boost their own effectiveness
  • Cross-Training: An approach known from athletes: in order to become better in an area of strengths, you strengthen other areas. We know the correlations between 100+ competencies and behaviors and will tell leaders what to do in order to develop a competent area into an area of profound strengths

The Extraordinary Leader has in many multinational companies proven to work. It is used in Coaching, Trainings, Executive Workshops and as part of large scale transformation programs. We can provide various dimensions of reports: individual 360 reports, group aggregate reports including various benchmarks against your industry or the global norm.

What our clients like most about this: It is engaging & motivating to work on strengths and it is proven to provide results faster. And: It stops the discussion about the “leadership-myths” as the entire approach is based on facts and data. No excuses, but promising goals!

Please contact us for a specific briefing of how this approach could produce the results you are looking for and please ask for a briefing pack for the 1st Executive Briefing Workshop on June 25th in Berlin as part of the Human Resources Congress.

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