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BreakThrough Conversations Series

A portfolio of interactive learning sessions to enhance the conversational impact of leaders in today's workplaces

BreakThrough Conversations Series

A portfolio of interactive learning sessions to enhance the conversational impact of leaders in today's workplaces

The challenge in today’s digital workplaces is that the human to human touchpoints are becoming more and more infrequent.

So, leaders who can make every second count in their face to face interactions with others, possess one of the most powerful keys to unlocking the full potential of individuals, teams and organisations, as well as customer relationships.

The BreakThrough Conversations approach

The past few years have seen impressive breakthroughs in our understanding of human interactions, particularly because of the work of neuroscientists, such as Matt Liebermann, exploring the workings of the ‘social brain’.

The BreakThrough Conversations approach draws on these developments to enable participants to deepen their understanding of what influences productive human interactions and relationships.

Each of the workshops within the BreakThrough Conversation series is highly experiential and provides opportunities to put the techniques into practice with real scenarios, enabling immediate application ba ck in the workplace.

Foundation Workshop - The Art and Science of BreakThrough Conversations

(1-day workshop)

This one-day in person workshop is the foundation for the series and, therefore, a mandatory module.  At the end of this workshop participants will understand: 

  • How BreakThrough Conversations differ from everyday conversations
  • The science behind the BreakThrough approach
  • The ideal mindset when facilitating BreakThrough Conversations
  • Core BreakThrough Conversation skills – listening and speaking
  • PACE – a generic framework

More importantly, they will be ready to put the approach into practice (provided, of course, that they have the will do do so!)

BreakThrough Feedback

(1/2 workshop or two 90-minute teleclasses)

Be honest. How often have you avoided critical feedback conversations? Facilitating conversations to address performance issues in a way that does not undermine working relationships and motivation is, in our experience, a key leadership challenge. Just as importantly, those leaders who say that delivering critical feedback is not a problem for them, are often guilty of demotivating their people and failing to create sustainable changes in thinking and behaviours. 

We share an approach which enables critical feedback conversations to be less challenging and more productive in delivering effective performance management based on insights from brain science.


BreakThrough Goal Setting

(1/2 workshop with follow up teleclass or three 90-minute teleclasses)

We are understanding more about how our brains process goal-setting, and the distinctive way in which individuals approach the task of creating goals. What’s clear is that for goals to have a sustainable impact the process of creating them needs to tap into deeper thinking processes, and match individual preferences. 

Our Five Steps to Breakthrough draws on recent research to provide a robust and practical process that enhances significantly the achievement of individual and organisational goals.


BreakThrough Customer/Client Relationships

(1/2 day in person workshop)

We build trust faster by listening than speaking. How best can you ensure that your customers or clients feel both heard and understood?

The BreakThrough Conversations techniques enable you to fast-track building strong trust relationships with your customers or clients. In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to share real scenarios that you find challenging and discover how to transform them into productive relationship building moments. 

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